A March/April update on my writing

Well, folks, things are going well in the Phipps household. Kat is almost over her flu (which I gave her, sorry) and my father is better than he’s been in months.

Which is sad because it’s due to getting the dialysis which he desperately needed for a long time but was in denial about. We have been giving him rides out to his place. We also got our primary dog, Treasure’s, ear fixed after it had gotten a serious infection which required surgery. Still, things are looking up. I managed to assemble the treadmill yesterday and only kinda threw out my back (okay, okay, it just hurt a lot–sheesh).

Business is doing well with THE GAMES OF SUPERVILLAINY and THE RULES OF SUPERVILLAINY still selling pretty well. ESOTERRORISM didn’t sell quite as many copies as Rules but I still consider it my best book until WRAITH KNIGHT comes out this Fall. SECRETS OF SUPERVILLAINY is set for release in June.

WRAITH KNIGHT has been approved by Ragnarok Publications and it’s sequel is already for publication immediately thereafter. I have strong feelings about this book and think it will be a big success. Currently, I’m envisioning five books for the series total.

I’ve submitted CTHULHU ARMAGEDDON, my first non-original material novel, to Cohesion Press and I hope they’ll be interested in it. It’s the rewrite of CTHULHU APOCALYPSE (which is a name already taken it turns out) with my skills as a writing from five years after the original manuscript.

Ultimately, I’d really like to be done with the final 15K of LUCIFER’S STAR (A Spacer’s Saga), my space opera novel, *RIGHT NOW* but the grand finale can’t be rushed. It’s going to be 90K at the end and I’m just in need of doing the final climatic scene.

ESOTERRORISM’s sequel ELDRITCH OPS, Book 2# of THE RED ROOM series is set for release in early of 2017. I’ve got the unedited manuscript version of OPERATION: OTHERWORLD written up for release in 2018. I originally envisioned THE RED ROOM series as a ongoing open-ended one but the characters decided to make it a trilogy. Except all of the major plotlines wrapped up by the third book.

AGENT G has been submitted to Amber Cove Publisher who does THE SUPERVILLAINY SAGA  and if they’re not interested in it, I have a secondary publisher for it lined up. So, book progress wise, I’m very well off.

Review-wiser, I’m down to fifteen novels I have to read on my Kindle, which may sound like a lot but is down from something like sixty and I’ve made a vow not to pick up any other novels until I’ve finished them. I broke that oath almost immediately by ordering the Dark Horse ALIENS Omnibus Vol. 1# and Nylund HALO novels.

Later this month, Kat is going to be going on a short weekend trip to visit her favorite author at a con. I pity her for trusting me with the house while she’s gone since I fully expect the place to be ashes when she returns (sorry, Kat!)

A great interview with me by the Fantastical Librarian

I had a great interview with the Fantastical Librarian and thought I would share its contents with my fans. I hope everyone will go to her website and check it out.

Here’s a sample:

Let’s start with the basics. Who is C.T. Phipps?

C.T. Phipps is an immortal wizard from the Age of Chaos reincarnated as a huma…oh, err, I mean I’m a perfectly ordinary geek from Kentucky in his thirties. I’m the author of THE SUPERVILLAINY SAGA and the RED ROOM series by Amber Cove Publishing and Ragnarok Publications respectively. I have a new series called WRAITH KNIGHT coming out this Fall.

How would you introduce people to your writing?

It depends on what you’re interested really. I wrote the Supervillainy Saga as an easy-going bit of fun celebrating my love of superheroes. People really seemed to have liked it and responded well to the book’s irreverent style and asking the question, “What kind of fellow sets out to be a supervillain?” The Red Room, by contrast, was my attempt to write a celebration of over-the-top spy fiction with a James Bond and Black Widow-eque set of protagonist against monsters.

Available for reading here


One of the things which authors love is getting reviews, especially positive ones and I thought I’d share two of the best ones I got for THE GAMES OF SUPERVILLAINY.

The first review is from My World…in words and pages.

    I can’t express how much I enjoyed this book, and particularly in audio. It’s the fun I needed and will look forward to in future installments! Battles with Nazi Robot, dragon, Amazons, cybernetic dinosaurs, cultists, zombies, deal with ghosts, Death, demi god, ex-girlfriend of his own and his wife’s. Sounds like a lot but it all fits and makes for so much fun while battling. And Gary’s one liners along the way. LOL!

 The second review is from The Audio Book Reviewer.

     This was another fun ride, the way Merciless’ mind works to come up with the outrageous plans……his dry sarcastic and gene savvy sense of humor……the supporting characters Diablo, Cindy, Cloak…….I liked that Gary got to have an hour with his brother, and hope he shows up in future stories…..I also hope we get to see more involvement from Death….she is a pretty cool character.  I have to say the ending shocked the hell out of me, totally did not see that coming, I should have but didn’t.  I do have faith the Merciless (The supervillain without mercy ™) will prevail though and make it right.

     I hope my fans who haven’t checked out Games will decide to do so along with those who aren’t yet familiar. It’s doing well!

See at Amazon.com

Always Chaotic Evil: In Defense of Orcs and Anti-Elves

Ragnarok Publications was kind enough to share a short little essay by me on my favorite misunderstood monster in fantasy: the orc. Who doesn’t love those green-skinned ne’er-do-wells? Well, apparently the gods of fantasy don’t because they always get the short end of the stick. But what is “evil” in fantasy and why must it always be the pug-looking tusked warrior races? I don’t get into it in-depth but my article talks a little about how it ties into my upcoming book Wraith Knight.

Check out the article here

Grimdark Magazine 6# is out with articles by me

I’m pleased to say Grimdark Magazine, a great fanzine I have a lot of respect for, has seen fit to include two articles by me in their latest publication. These are, “WHO IS THE GRIMDARK VILLAIN?” which is a sequel to a similar article by in Grimdark Magazine 5#. I also do a review of the Dishonored Definitive Edition. There’s a really great interview with Aliette de Bodard plus a round table discussion of grimdark with Tim Marquitz, Geoff Brown, Katie Cord, and Shawn Speakman. This is in addition to all the usual goodies like short stories and book reviews.

Purchase Grimdark Magazine 6#  at Grimdark Magazine’s website or on Amazon.com.

The Games of Supervillainy audiobook is now available!

Games of Supervillainy 3
Great news, everyone! Jeffrey Kafer, the narrator for THE RULES OF SUPERVILLAINY, not only successfully completed and submitted the sequel but it is now available for purchase from Audible as well as Amazon.com. I’ve, of course, already heard his results and I believe them to be better than his previous work–which was amazingly well done.

Get ready for the action-packed follow up to The Rules of Supervillainy. This time with zombies, zombified heroes and villains, cults, magic, super-science, a dragon, a giant Nazi robot, a Greek demigod, and so much more!

Gary and Cloak have returned from the supervillain prison on the moon only to discover the city he plans to conquer and rule with an iron fist has been overrun with the living dead. Once again taking up the mantle of Merciless: The Supervillain Without Mercy™, Gary will have to pull it together quickly, find his wife, his gang, and a whole lot of help to stop the Brotherhood of Infamy from slaughtering the population of Falconcrest City and opening a portal to summon a primal force of destruction.

But Gary has a plan, or at least he’s sure he’ll have one soon. Just give him a second.

Pick up your copy of THE GAMES OF SUPERVILLAINY today! 

 Amazon.com purchase link

Audible purchase link

Wraith Knight cover revealed!

Here’s the cover for my upcoming book, to be released in Fall of 2016, WRAITH KNIGHT!

I really love what Alex Raspad did with this work as he managed to capture exactly what I wanted from the characters. I especially like his handling of Regina who manages to convey the haunted yet determined look I was hoping to get from a cover featuring her.

What is WRAITH KNIGHT about?

The King Below, Enemy of Creation, is dead. Will his successor save the world… or rule it?

Jacob Riverson was once the greatest hero of an age. Cut down during what should have been the final battle against the King Below, he was condemned to centuries of torment as a Wraith Knight in the service of said monster. With the destruction of his master, Jacob regains his free-will and discovers he a world torn by civil war. One where self-styled heroes slaughter those formerly enslaved by the King Below. Joining forces with the overly-idealistic but brilliant warrior Regina Whitetremor, Jacob must determine whether he has any place in the new world and whether his destiny is as a hero or monster.

Or both.

Keep checking in for updates!


Hey folks,

I just wanted you all to know that THE GAME OF SUPERVILLAINY’s Kindle version has been updated. There were a few typos and mistakes which we missed the first time around (a couple of egregious ones) which were errors made by our editing process that we’re all very embarrassed about. The new version has corrected these and is the one we’ll be using for our print release as well as the audio book.

Our apologies and this won’t happen again.

Speaking of the audio book version, Jeffrey Kafer has finished the audio book version of TGOS and sent it to me for approval. I’m listening to it now and should have it approved this week. I’m very proud of his efforts and I’ve got to say I genuinely think this is probably better than his work on THE RULES OF SUPERVILLAINY.

Jeffrey Kafer is an amazing narrator for hundreds of audio books and has brought to life my characters in a way I don’t think anyone else really could have. I give him props for his humor, inflection, characterization, and timing. You’re all in for a real treat with him and I hope you enjoy the ride.

The print version has also been submitted and should be available for purchase in the coming week.

Thanks again to all of our fans for the Supervillainy Saga.

THE GAMES OF SUPERVILLAINY is now available for purchase!

THE GAMES OF SUPERVILLAINY is now available for purchase from Amazon.com on Kindle!

Get ready for the action-packed follow up to The Rules of Supervillainy. This time with zombies, zombified heroes and villains, cults, magic, superscience, a dragon, a Greek demigod, and so much more!

Gary and Cloak have returned from the supervillain prison on the moon only to discover the city he plans to conquer and rule with an iron fist has been overrun with the living dead. Once again taking up the mantle of Merciless, the villain without mercy, Gary will have to pull it together quickly, find his wife, his gang, and a whole lot of help to stop the Brotherhood of Infamy from slaughtering the population of Falconcrest City and opening a portal to summon a Primal force of creation.

But Gary has a plan, or at least he’s sure he’ll have one soon. Just give him a second.

THE RULES OF SUPERVILLAINY was a huge success, well more than I ever expected and the audio book was even more so than the main book. Jeffrey Kafer was a major source of this and he’s already working on the audio book version of GAMES, which I expect to release in a couple of weeks.

Thanks everyone for waiting and I hope you enjoy this book as much as its predecessor!

Update for December 2015

Hey folks,

I thought I’d give you guys, my fans, an update as to what the current situation is on a number of projects which are going on right now. Quite a few have been waiting patiently for THE GAMES OF SUPERVILLAINY and others not-so-patiently. I’m pleased to say the book is in the middle of being formatted and Jeffrey Kafer is ready to do the audio book version afterward.

Games follows Gary Karkofsky as he arrives back in Falconcrest City after the events of THE RULES OF SUPERVILLAINY. It’s been a month, the city is overrun by superpowered zombies, and everything has gone to heck. But all Gary cares about is finding his wife. Does Mandy need saving, though? Find out!

I’m excited about this volume more than just about any other book I’ve written (well, at least until the next one) and think everyone will like it. The Games of Supervillainy should be out sometime this month and while I’m sorry it’s been delayed, I want to thank everyone who has e-mailed or messaged me about its status. Believe me, I want it out as much as anyone else.

AGENT G: INFILTRATOR has been sent to Amber Cove publishing and I’m hoping they’ll be picking up that manuscript for publication. It’s the story of an assassin who has had his memory wiped for a ten year contract to a very sci-fi sort of murder group. But there’s a lot more going on, not the least bit being there’s easier ways to get someone to kill people.

The first book of my THREE WORLDS series, WRAITH KNIGHT is set for release in Fall of 2016 and I’m very pleased Ragnarok Publications has chosen to pick it up. I’ve already got the sequel, WRAITH LORD, finished and am currently looking at samples of artwork for its cover. They’ve been very generous to me and I can’t wait to share my attempt at dark fantasy.

ELDRITCH OPS. the sequel to ESOTERRORISM is, sadly, not going to be able to be read by fans until 2017 due to a number of reasons. A two year wait for a book’s sequel is hardly unknown by fans, though, and I think you’ll love the book when it comes out. The cover is gorgeous and the plot is a delightful tale of the House vs. Vampires vs. Werewolves vs. Pirates vs. Itself. Yes, I said pirates and somehow it’s not silly.

Take my word for it.

One interesting thing is I actually wrote the RED ROOM series as a trilogy, only for me to throw out the completely-written book 3#. Why? Because I decided I didn’t like what I’d written as the grand finale and I was going to keep writing the books until I felt I’d exhausted the potential for them. So expect plenty more adventures of Derek and Shannon in the future.

I also hope to see an audio book version of Esoterrorism released sometime in 2016.

Thanks again, folks, for your interest.