Wraith Knight cover revealed!

Here’s the cover for my upcoming book, to be released in Fall of 2016, WRAITH KNIGHT!

I really love what Alex Raspad did with this work as he managed to capture exactly what I wanted from the characters. I especially like his handling of Regina who manages to convey the haunted yet determined look I was hoping to get from a cover featuring her.

What is WRAITH KNIGHT about?

The King Below, Enemy of Creation, is dead. Will his successor save the world… or rule it?

Jacob Riverson was once the greatest hero of an age. Cut down during what should have been the final battle against the King Below, he was condemned to centuries of torment as a Wraith Knight in the service of said monster. With the destruction of his master, Jacob regains his free-will and discovers he a world torn by civil war. One where self-styled heroes slaughter those formerly enslaved by the King Below. Joining forces with the overly-idealistic but brilliant warrior Regina Whitetremor, Jacob must determine whether he has any place in the new world and whether his destiny is as a hero or monster.

Or both.

Keep checking in for updates!

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