Cthulhu Armageddon’s paperback and Wraith Knight are now available!

I’m pleased to say that the paperback version of Cthulhu Armageddon is now available for purchase. Those who want to visit the raw and dangerous land of the Massachusetts Wasteland can now enjoy it in paper format.

I’m also pleased to say both the ebook and physical copy versions of Wraith Knight are now available for sale as well. If you’ve ever wondered what happens after a typical Fantasy Dark LordTM is defeated as well as how the various factions will deal with one another then Wraith Knight may well be for you.

Esoterrorism is now available on audiobook!

I’m pleased to announce the ESOTERRORISM audiobook, narrated by Jeffrey Kafer, is now available for purchase from Audible.com. It was the first book I ever wrote, containing everything as well as the kitchen sink I love about spy fiction, humor, and urban fantasy.

There are no good guys in the world of shadows…but maybe some bad men are better than others.

Derek Hawthorne was born to be an agent of the Red Room. Literally. Raised in a conspiracy that has protected the world from the supernatural for centuries, he’s never been anything other than a servant of their agenda. Times are changing, though, and it may not be long before their existence is exposed.

When a routine mission uncovers the latest plan of magical terrorist the Wazir, Derek finds himself saddled with a new partner. Who is the mysterious but deadly Shannon O’Reilly? What is her agenda? Couple this with the discovery that the Red Room has a mole seeking to frame Derek for treason and you have a plot that might bring down a millennium-old organization. Can he stop the Wazir’s mission to expose the supernatural? And should he?

I’m very pleased with the job Jeffrey Kafer has done on this one, mimicking his success with my Supervillainy Saga books. The Red Room universe is a darker one than the one where Merciless dwells but both heroes deal with their problems with a thoroughly pop-cultured snark. I hope everyone will enjoy listening to the work as much as I did making it.

You can pick up your copy today!

Wraith Knight pre-order now available!

Hey folks,

I have excellent news for you! The paperback version of Wraith Knight, my Dark Fantasy novel starring Jacob Riverson the last of the titular undead warriors, is now available from Pre-Order from Ragnarok Publications.

The King Below, Enemy of the World, is dead. Will his successor save the world…or rule it?

Jacob Riverson was once the greatest hero of an age. Cut down during what should have been the final battle against the King Below, he was condemned to centuries of torment as a Wraith Knight in the service of said monster. With the destruction of his master, Jacob finds his free will returning and discovers he is in a world torn by civil war between the King Below’s former slaves and the heroes who “saved” them.

Joining forces with the overly-idealistic but brilliant warrior Regina Whitetremor, Jacob must determine whether he has any place in the new world and whether his destiny is as a hero or monster. 

 Or both.

The electronic version isn’t available for pre-order yet but if you want  the beautiful paperback version the good folk at Ragnarok Publications have prepared then it’s good to get your copy ordered today.

Get your copy ordered now.

Update for May 2016

Okay folks, it’s time for another update on what I’ve been up to as an author and what sort of stuff is going to be happening in the future of C.T. Phipps. Things have been going very well for me and while there’s setbacks, I’ve got to say things are all on the up and up when it comes to writing.

AMBER COVE: My relationship with Amber Cove Publications is especially good as I’ve signed an agreement with them to produce four 60K word books a year. Two AGENT G and two SUPERVILLAINY SAGA for the next few years. It’s a pretty hectic schedule but I believe I can hold onto it. It’s my hope to eventually produce twelve books for both series but we’ll see how that works out.

The Supervillainy Saga has sold well in combined audiobooks, ebooks, and paperback, with no sign of stopping. Indeed, its equal to a store release during the “heyday” of such things and that couldn’t make me happier. Not bad for an indie publisher.

RAGNAROK PUBLICATIONS: Ragnarok Publication’s deal with IPG (Independent Publishing Group) is closer than ever. It’s meant delays in releasing some of my books but is going to change the nature of publishing for all of my works with them as well as their existing prints. One consequence is you’re going to be able to see ESOTERRORISM and WRAITH KNIGHT in stores come 2017 which is something I’m ecstatic about. We’re also going to have them promoted very heavily by their reps. A small downside of this is we’re not going to have as quick a release period as Amber Cove. We’ll have roughly one book a year released from both series.

Now here’s some updates on individual series:

AGENT G: The first novel in the series, AGENT G: INFILTRATOR, will be released on October 15th, 2016 with present schedule plans. It follows the adventures of G, a assassin who has had his memory erased by the mysterious Society. He’s supposedly signed a ten year contract with them in exchange for fabulous wealth as well as a return for his memories. Is any of it true? Even if it isn’t, does he have a choice? What about when he’s sent up against a dangerous group of cybernetically enhanced assassins in the Carnivale? Sci-Fi espionage and murder action awaits! We’re hoping for a simultaneous ebook and audiobook release with Jeffrey Kafer set to do this volume as well. The sequel is already ready to go as well with AGENT G: SABOTEUR.

SUPERVILLAINY SAGA: The next book in the series, THE SECRETS OF SUPERVILLAINY is set for release on July 15th, 2016. Gary Karfosky a.k.a Merciless: The Supervillain without MercyTM is scouring the globe for secrets to restoring his now-cursed wife Mandy. Unfortunately, this has brought him closer to his partner Cindy a.k.a Red Riding Hood and he finds himself conflicted about his feelings for both women. Worse, both their lives are rudely interrupted by the news of a great superhero’s death as well as the fact they’ve made an enemy in the deranged new President of the United States. THE SCIENCE OF SUPERVILLAINY, Book 4# in the series. is set for release in early 2017.

RED ROOM: The Red Room series will continue past ESOTERRORISM but the first big news there is Jeffrey Kafer is also doing the audiobook adaptation of this work. He’s just finished it up and it’s set for release in the upcoming few months. The second book in the series, ELDRITCH OPS. will be released in Spring of 2017. This will follow newly promoted Committee member, Derek Hawthorne, on one last field assignment for the Committee to investigate “A House within the House” which is threatening to start a war against the Vampire Nation. Werewolves, pirates, and vampires menace our hero as well as a threat among his own family. Worse, the most famous vampire of them all in Count Draculs is coming to threaten him.

WRAITH KNIGHT: This is a book I’m immensely proud of and follows the basic premise of, “So, the Dark Lord is defeated and the heroes return to their homes. What would happen if, after five years or so, everything went to hell?” Jacob Riverson is a creature not-too-dissimilar to a Ringwraith and after regaining his free-will, finds himself in a world centuries older than the one he left behind. Recruited by a young heroine to try to defeat the very heroes propelled into power by the previous generation, he must deal with the fact it’s a much more complicated and grayer world than the stories of his now-legendary adventures depicted it. The first book is scheduled for release on November 8th, 2016. Like Esoterrorism, it will be released on audiobook but we haven’t picked an audiobook narrator for it.

So, our schedule for 2016 looks like:




WRAITH KNIGHT: 11/08/2016

Early 2017


ELDRITCH OPS: 4/15/2017


“What every fantasy and sci-fi author can learn from Halo”

Here’s an article I wrote for Ragnarok Publications which I thought you would be interested in. Basically, I took a moment to talk about one of my favorite game series and their handling of storytelling in the original games. Basically, some advice on how to “hit the ground running” when you’re trying to capture a world.

What every sci-fi and fantasy author can learn from Halo

 No, I don’t mean how to tea-bag your opponents.

Nor do I mean selling out to Microsoft.

Not even how to craft excellent maps in multiplayer.

No, what I think every sci-fi and fantasy writer can learn from is the handling of Halo’s story.

*crickets chirp*

Okay, I see I’ve lost some of you there but I’m serious. In 2001, Halo: Combat Evolved came out and proceeded to light the gaming world on fire. It’s pretty much the reason why the X-box became something more than, “The console for people who can’t afford a Playstation.” 

But what I remember most about it is how the game managed to do something very unexpected: it took a game about shooting aliens and told a tremendously engaging story without ever pausing to explain it.

I hope you’ll check my article out.

Mech: Age of Steel Kickstarter is now online!

I’m a huge fan of mecha as my earlier article on the subject (available here) tells you but I don’t have much of an opportunity to write about it as the market is decidedly niche. People generally want to watch mecha on the television rather than read about it. At least, that was the case until Ragnarok Publications decided to take a dare and do this anthology as a pseudo-sequel to the wonderfully Pacific Rim-esque Kaiju: Age of Monsters (reviewed here).

I’m pleased to say they’ve started up the Kickstarter and I’ve already donated to it. This particular anthology will contain stories by Kevin J. Anderson, James Swallow, Peter Clines, and other authors I absolutely love. I really think it’ll be worth donating to and I’ve absolutely adored all the previous Ragnarok anthologies (they’re the reason I submitted to them in the first place after all).

So please check this Kickstarter out if you have the time.

“Every Street in Urban Fantasy is all the same (Except Yours)”

I’m pleased to say Ragnarok Publications has a growing collection of short articles talking about writing in the fantasy and science-fiction market by a bunch of my fellow authors. These articles don’t go very deep but contain some interesting little stories and ideas about everyone’s individual process. This week, we’ve got, “Every Every Street in Urban Fantasy is all the Same (Except Yours)” which is an article by me about how you can differentiate your story from the sea of other ones out there at present.

I had a lot of fun writing this and have agreed to submit numerous other little articles to Nick Sharps, webmaster at Ragnarok Publications, in the near-and-not-so-near future.

I hope people will check it out!

ESOTERRORISM’s audiobook will be narrated by Jeffrey Kafer!

And for those interested in knowing, Jeffrey Kafer will be doing the audiobook read for ESOTERRORISM as produced by Audible. Jeffrey did an awesome job for my Supervillainy Saga books and I look forward to him doing this. Awesome, guys, really!

There are no good guys in the world of shadows…but maybe some bad men are better than others.

Derek Hawthorne was born to be an agent of the Red Room. Literally. Raised in a conspiracy which has protected the world from the supernatural for centuries, he’s never been anything other than a servant of their agenda. Times are changing, though, and it may not be long before their existence is exposed.

When a routine mission uncovers the latest plan of the magical terrorist, the Wazir, Derek finds himself saddled with a new partner. Who is the mysterious but deadly Shannon O’Reilly? What is her agenda? Couple this with the discovery the Red Room has a mole seeking to frame Derek for treason and you have a plot which might bring down a millennium-old organization. Can he stop the Wazir’s mission to expose the supernatural? And should he?

I admit, this description is one I’d change as it kind of leaves out just how ridiculous Derek is who is half-Harry Dresden/half-James Bond and can give Gary a run for his money in snark.

A March/April update on my writing

Well, folks, things are going well in the Phipps household. Kat is almost over her flu (which I gave her, sorry) and my father is better than he’s been in months.

Which is sad because it’s due to getting the dialysis which he desperately needed for a long time but was in denial about. We have been giving him rides out to his place. We also got our primary dog, Treasure’s, ear fixed after it had gotten a serious infection which required surgery. Still, things are looking up. I managed to assemble the treadmill yesterday and only kinda threw out my back (okay, okay, it just hurt a lot–sheesh).

Business is doing well with THE GAMES OF SUPERVILLAINY and THE RULES OF SUPERVILLAINY still selling pretty well. ESOTERRORISM didn’t sell quite as many copies as Rules but I still consider it my best book until WRAITH KNIGHT comes out this Fall. SECRETS OF SUPERVILLAINY is set for release in June.

WRAITH KNIGHT has been approved by Ragnarok Publications and it’s sequel is already for publication immediately thereafter. I have strong feelings about this book and think it will be a big success. Currently, I’m envisioning five books for the series total.

I’ve submitted CTHULHU ARMAGEDDON, my first non-original material novel, to Cohesion Press and I hope they’ll be interested in it. It’s the rewrite of CTHULHU APOCALYPSE (which is a name already taken it turns out) with my skills as a writing from five years after the original manuscript.

Ultimately, I’d really like to be done with the final 15K of LUCIFER’S STAR (A Spacer’s Saga), my space opera novel, *RIGHT NOW* but the grand finale can’t be rushed. It’s going to be 90K at the end and I’m just in need of doing the final climatic scene.

ESOTERRORISM’s sequel ELDRITCH OPS, Book 2# of THE RED ROOM series is set for release in early of 2017. I’ve got the unedited manuscript version of OPERATION: OTHERWORLD written up for release in 2018. I originally envisioned THE RED ROOM series as a ongoing open-ended one but the characters decided to make it a trilogy. Except all of the major plotlines wrapped up by the third book.

AGENT G has been submitted to Amber Cove Publisher who does THE SUPERVILLAINY SAGA  and if they’re not interested in it, I have a secondary publisher for it lined up. So, book progress wise, I’m very well off.

Review-wiser, I’m down to fifteen novels I have to read on my Kindle, which may sound like a lot but is down from something like sixty and I’ve made a vow not to pick up any other novels until I’ve finished them. I broke that oath almost immediately by ordering the Dark Horse ALIENS Omnibus Vol. 1# and Nylund HALO novels.

Later this month, Kat is going to be going on a short weekend trip to visit her favorite author at a con. I pity her for trusting me with the house while she’s gone since I fully expect the place to be ashes when she returns (sorry, Kat!)

Beam Sabers, Giant Robots, and Child-Pilots

One of the most anticipated books coming out from Ragnarok Publication this year is Mecha: Age of Steel which is the spiritual successor to their Kaiju: Age of Monsters anthology. In the Kaiju novel, they celebrated giant monsters and the robots which fought them. In Mecha, however, they’re doing a wonderfully adult take on the mecha genre.

While I didn’t write any stories for the anthology, I am going to be writing an introduction for the simple fact I am a huge-huge mecha fan. Here, on Ragnarok, I’ve already posted an article which I think people will like.

“Beam Sabers, Giant Robots, and Child Pilots”

    I remember when I was busing tables in high school, I got to see Gundam Wing as my first mecha anime. In retrospect, it had a lot of flaws but it had politics, depth, and amazing animated fights between gigantic robots. Much to my surprise, I found out most of my friends were already mecha fans. Some had been introduced to the genre by Robotech, Power Rangers, and Voltron: Defender of the Universe.

    After I watched Gundam Wing, I devoted myself to dozens of other series and gradually familiarized myself with the tropes inherent to each. I can describe intimately the in’s and out’s of Evangelions, Zakus, Arm Slaves, Gunmen, Aestivalis, and Go-Lions. In short, in matters mecha-nical, I am the very model of a Modern Mecha General. I may not keep up with the genre quite as much as I used to but the fact Ragnarok Publications was coming out with a giant robot anthology made me know I had to be involved.

    However tangentially.

I hope people enjoy.

    Read the Article Here