ESOTERRORISM’s audiobook will be narrated by Jeffrey Kafer!

And for those interested in knowing, Jeffrey Kafer will be doing the audiobook read for ESOTERRORISM as produced by Audible. Jeffrey did an awesome job for my Supervillainy Saga books and I look forward to him doing this. Awesome, guys, really!

There are no good guys in the world of shadows…but maybe some bad men are better than others.

Derek Hawthorne was born to be an agent of the Red Room. Literally. Raised in a conspiracy which has protected the world from the supernatural for centuries, he’s never been anything other than a servant of their agenda. Times are changing, though, and it may not be long before their existence is exposed.

When a routine mission uncovers the latest plan of the magical terrorist, the Wazir, Derek finds himself saddled with a new partner. Who is the mysterious but deadly Shannon O’Reilly? What is her agenda? Couple this with the discovery the Red Room has a mole seeking to frame Derek for treason and you have a plot which might bring down a millennium-old organization. Can he stop the Wazir’s mission to expose the supernatural? And should he?

I admit, this description is one I’d change as it kind of leaves out just how ridiculous Derek is who is half-Harry Dresden/half-James Bond and can give Gary a run for his money in snark.

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