Hey folks,

I just wanted you all to know that THE GAME OF SUPERVILLAINY’s Kindle version has been updated. There were a few typos and mistakes which we missed the first time around (a couple of egregious ones) which were errors made by our editing process that we’re all very embarrassed about. The new version has corrected these and is the one we’ll be using for our print release as well as the audio book.

Our apologies and this won’t happen again.

Speaking of the audio book version, Jeffrey Kafer has finished the audio book version of TGOS and sent it to me for approval. I’m listening to it now and should have it approved this week. I’m very proud of his efforts and I’ve got to say I genuinely think this is probably better than his work on THE RULES OF SUPERVILLAINY.

Jeffrey Kafer is an amazing narrator for hundreds of audio books and has brought to life my characters in a way I don’t think anyone else really could have. I give him props for his humor, inflection, characterization, and timing. You’re all in for a real treat with him and I hope you enjoy the ride.

The print version has also been submitted and should be available for purchase in the coming week.

Thanks again to all of our fans for the Supervillainy Saga.