THE SECRETS OF SUPERVILLAINY is the third book of the Supervillainy Saga. It’s a great depiction of Nightgirl and Ultragoddess by Raffaele Marinetti.

THE SECRETS OF SUPERVILLAINY follows Gary Karkofsky a.k.a Merciless the Supervillain without MercyTM as we join him one year after the events of THE GAMES OF SUPERVILLAINY. Desperate to find a cure for his wife’s vampirism, Gary has taken to practicing black magic and dealing with the worst scum of the magical world. His world has been turned upside down with Cindy becoming a superhero, his wife a blood-hungry antihero, and the allure of supervillainy no longer there.

Unfortunately, Gary has unwittingly made an enemy even he might hesitate to cross in PRESIDENT OMEGA — The most evil POTUS of them all. The President has decided to make Gary Public Enemy No. 1# even as Gabrielle Anders a.k.a Ultragoddess brings him news of the death of the world’s greatest superhero. Some crimes need the insight of a villain to solve and the world’s greatest antivillain is the only one who can do it. Time will tell if Gary can get over his depression to solve all of these problems and his own or succumb to a despair great enough to turn him from bad to evil.

I think Raffaele does an amazing job with the characters.

6 thoughts on “The cover art for THE SECRETS OF SUPERVILLAINY

  1. I am literally counting down the days. This is a awesome books series. I look forward to 15th of next month. I appreciate the time you take out of your life to give the reader/listeners an enjoyable experience.


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