One of the things which authors love is getting reviews, especially positive ones and I thought I’d share two of the best ones I got for THE GAMES OF SUPERVILLAINY.

The first review is from My World…in words and pages.

    I can’t express how much I enjoyed this book, and particularly in audio. It’s the fun I needed and will look forward to in future installments! Battles with Nazi Robot, dragon, Amazons, cybernetic dinosaurs, cultists, zombies, deal with ghosts, Death, demi god, ex-girlfriend of his own and his wife’s. Sounds like a lot but it all fits and makes for so much fun while battling. And Gary’s one liners along the way. LOL!

 The second review is from The Audio Book Reviewer.

     This was another fun ride, the way Merciless’ mind works to come up with the outrageous plans……his dry sarcastic and gene savvy sense of humor……the supporting characters Diablo, Cindy, Cloak…….I liked that Gary got to have an hour with his brother, and hope he shows up in future stories…..I also hope we get to see more involvement from Death….she is a pretty cool character.  I have to say the ending shocked the hell out of me, totally did not see that coming, I should have but didn’t.  I do have faith the Merciless (The supervillain without mercy ™) will prevail though and make it right.

     I hope my fans who haven’t checked out Games will decide to do so along with those who aren’t yet familiar. It’s doing well!

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