Psycho Killers in Love now available for pre-order!


 Hey folks,

I have some awesome news. The latest entry into my UNITED STATES OF MONSTERS series (Brightblade, Bright Falls Mysteries, Red Room, Straight Outta Fangton) series is now available for pre-order. PSYCHO KILLERS IN LOVE a homage to slasher movies, slasher villains, and all those wonderful invincible villains as well as their Final Girls.


What if all the villains of slasher movies were real? What if the movies made about them were just adaptations of real-life killers with supernatural powers? This is a fact known to William and Carrie because their father, Billy the Undying, was one of the worst slashers of all time. So much so that they’ve spent the past decade in an asylum out of fear they’d end up just like him. Escaping, the two have decided to form a new life on the road. Except, a chance encounter in a dingy diner introduces William to the girl of his dreams.

Too bad she’s a girl on a mission to kill all slashers. But maybe the best way to catch a supernatural serial killer is with another pair of them.

Enjoy this exciting prequel to the United States of Monsters books!

Available for purchase here

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