Book Announcement: Psycho Killers in Love

What if all the cheesy horror movies of the 1980s were based on true stories?

William England knows that they are for a fact. His father, Billy the Undying, was one of the most notorious slashers of all time. Wrongfully imprisoned in a mental institution with his ax-crazy sister, Carrie, William has escaped with his sibling out into the real world. Unfortunately, he’s literally haunted by his father’s ghost and has found himself driving to a small town in Kansas that is the center of murderous activity in the year 2000.

But circumstances result in William meeting the girl of his dreams just as his own murderous impulses finally kick in. Nancy Loomis is beautiful, deadly, and dedicated to destroying all the world’s slashers. Can these two bloodthirsty killers make it work or are they doomed to be enemies like their natures compel them to be? What about the secret cult in the area that has been kidnapping sorority sisters? And the vampire in the basement of his new home? Find out in this loving tribute/send-up of the horror genre. It is a comedy to die for.


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