An end to my relationship with Ragnarok Publications

    It is with a heavy heart that I announce my withdrawal of my books, ESOTERRORISM and WRAITH KNIGHT from the Ragnarok Publication calendar. I’ve enjoyed my time there and made several friends but it’s time for us to part ways. We have, in Hollywood terms, “creative differences” and the books will be taken down soon from before they are re-edited and re-released. My new publishers for these books, Amber Cove, and Crossroad Press will hopefully get them up later this year.

    My present plans for the books are to continue to allow their publication through Audible for the indefinite future while doing a re-release of ESOTERRORISM through Amber Cover publications while WRAITH KNIGHT is re-edited and re-released through Crossroad Press. I also plan to change the title of the first Red Room book from Esoterrorism to SECRET FILES to avoid confusion with the Esoterrorists tabletop RPG (which is awesome, btw).

    I’m pleased to say we’ll be keeping the art of the original covers thanks to the generosity of Raganrok Publications with Eloise Knaap continuing to do her spectacular covers for the Red Room series. We’ll also be keeping the same for Wraith Knight’s brilliant artist Alex Raspad.


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