2017 Writing Update

Hey folks,

It’s 2017 and I’m happy to report that sales are going wonderfully for my existing books. Sales were particularly good for Cthulhu Armageddon and The Supervillainy Saga. There were a few works which didn’t work out very well but you win some and you lose some in writing. So, what are we having for 2017? Allow me to tell you.

Cthulhu Armageddon II: The Tower of Zhaal 

    Cthulhu Armageddon is a work which I am particularly proud of. John Henry Booth and Mercury Takahashi managed to survive the events of the first novel but still found themselves in an endless monster-ridden wasteland. In the Tower of Zhaal, set one year later, they find themselves recruited by the mysterious cultists inhabiting the ruins of Miskatonic University.

There’s a terrifying horror still unawakened, imprisoned by the ancient pre-human Yithian race, which is preparing to emerge and destroy humanity’s last remnants. Teaming up with a gang of murderous scum, they may just save the world–or fail miserably trying.

The Tower of Zhaal will be published by Crossroad Press and its audiobook will be done by Jeffrey Kafer. I have hope we’ll be able to release it sometime this Spring.

The Supervillainy Saga IV: The Science of Supervillainy

    The Science of Supervillainy is the fourth volume of the Supervillainy Saga. Gary Karkofsky a.k.a Merciless: The Supervillain without MercyTM finally tracks down and faces President Omega after having had his life ruined by the time-traveling Chief of State. Unfortunately, defeating his nemesis turns out to be less of a victory than Gary hoped. 

    Seconds after their victory, Gary and his wife are captured by Merciful: The Superhero with MercyTM. Merciful, also known as Other Gary, is our antihero’s doppelganger from a previous reality who believes he can rule the world better.  Gary and Mandy manage to escape but not before Merciful has conquered Falconcrest City and reformed it into their worst nightmare: a clean, efficient, retro-futuristic paradise. Can our heroes get their revenge or are they doomed to live in a world without villains?

    The Science of Supervillainy  will be released March of this year with Jeffrey Kafer doing the audiobook.

Agent G: Infiltrator

infiltrator-kindle-high-resolution    Agent G: Infiltrator is the first volume of the Agent G series. Agent G is a Letter, one of those individuals employed by the private military organization known as the Society. Cybernetically enhanced and his memory erased, G is very good at what he does and what he does is murder. 

    Unfortunately, while he doesn’t have any objections to the work he’s done, G has become suspicious about the Society’s promise to restore his memories after his ten years of service is done. His investigations into his past hit a wall when the Society is attacked by their closest rivals in the mercenary Carnivale. Sent on an infiltration mission, he has a unique opportunity to find out the truth of his past–and potentially make a run for freedom.

    Agent G will be released in March of 2017.

Eldritch Ops.

    Eldritch Ops. is the second volume of the Red Room trilogy. Following the ascension of Derek Hawthorne, former assassin and secret agent, to the mysterious Committee, he’s found himself bored out of his mind. After a meeting with the representative of the Vampire Nation goes disastrously wrong, he finds himself investigating his own organization to see if it is involved in a massive program to turn the world’s supernaturals into agents for the House’s agenda. A plan which has the potential to blow up and ignite a war between humanity and the superhuman across the globe.

Discovering his old partner, Christopher, has been turned into a vampire and that Shannon may have been spying on him the entire time, Derek finds himself with precious few people to trust. Worse, he discovers his own potential for abuse when he acquires a weapon which can transform him from a barely talented hedge magician to a killer capable of seizing the House’s power for himself. But is harnessing the power of hell and the aid of a beautiful demon his best idea or his worst?

    Eldritch Ops. will be out on April 1st and no, that’s not an April Fool’s prank.

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