Crossroad Press welcomes me and my books

In what is almost certainly the first (and very possibly last) time I’ll be headlining an article also announcing a Stargate-SG1 novel, Crossroad Press announced the release of STRAIGHT OUTTA FANGTON and CTHULHU ARMAGEDDON after HALL OF THE TWO TRUTHS by Susannah Parker Sinard.

Crossroad Press announcement

AVAILABLE NOW – Stargate SG1-29 – Hall of the Two Truths by Susannah Parker Sinard, the newest full-length novel in the Stargate tie-ins.

Also, welcome to CROSSROAD PRESS author C. T. Phipps, bestselling creator of the Super Villainy series with two brand new novels – both of which will spawn a new series of their own… Straight Outta Fangton – a snarky, comic vampire novel and Cthulhu Armageddon – in a world torn apart by Elder Gods, a few pockets of humanity survive… and fight for that survival.. wild west Lovecraftian fiction by a rising star…

Find these and more than 1500 other Crossroad Press selections at  … C. T. Phipps’ work is available there exclusively.

Find the majority of our books also at Barnes & Noble – Apple – and Kobo…

I especially like the best-selling part since I’m pleased to say The Supervillainy Saga’s three novels have all been up to Number 3# in two of Audible’s best-selling categories.

Purchase a copy of CTHULHU ARMAGEDDON here

Purchase a copy of STRAIGHT OUTTA FANGTON here

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