The Fall of the House is now available on audiobook!

I’m pleased to say that after a (too long) wait, THE FALL OF THE HOUSE is finally available on audiobook.
The United States of Monsters series (Straight Outta Fangton, I was a Teenage Weredeer, Psycho Killers in Love) began with the Red Room series. Serving as a template and later prequel for its later volumes, The Fall of the House is the third and final book in the series that depicts how the hidden world of Esoterrorism became the broken masquerade of its sequels. Read the exciting and fascinating story of Derek Hawthorne’s final adventure!

From the best-selling author of The Rules of Supervillainy:

Derek Hawthorne has slain Dracula and stopped the malevolent plan of his own employers, the sinister House. However, he has discovered that his ex-partner and lover Ashley Morgan has been kidnapped while a new conspiracy moves to expose the supernatural to the world. The House has overplayed its hand and all of its enemies are coming to bring it down. Derek will have to travel dimensions, fight monsters, and call in every favor he’s accumulated just to survive.

The Fall of the House is the exciting conclusion of the Red Room trilogy, tying the series to the greater United States of Monsters universe (Bright Falls Mysteries, Straight Outta Fangton, and Brightblade).

 Available here

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