Space Academy cover changes

Hey folks,

I’m  pleased to announce an update for the Space Academy series. We’ve got a  new set of covers and some short stories for the Kindle editions of the  funniest series in science fiction today. Vance Turbo, HERO OF SPACE  and the worst crew in the galaxy are repeatedly called upon to defend  the Galactic Community from conspiracies, four-foot-tall fascist  squirrels, ancient alien gods, and gun-toting space rednecks. I think  these new covers capture the zaniness of my and my co-authors’ work.

They’re available on Kindle, Audible (narrated by Jeffrey Kafer), and Kindle Unlimited.

#1: Space Academy Dropouts:

#2: Space Academy Rejects:

#3: Space Academy Washouts:

I hope you’ll all check them out.

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