Some Wraith Knight developments


Well my original idea for Wraith Knight was to do three books like the Dragonlance Chronicles or the paperbacks I read in the Nineties but the Game of Thrones‘ bad ending, decision to expand the United States of Monsters, and a lot of disillusionment with Ragnarok Publications caused me to not finish the trilogy.

So I decided to resume writing Wraith King because I was inspired by the House of the Dragon trailer but I had a severe problem that was not going to be easily solved: I had forgotten huge amounts of details regarding the setting, characters, events, and where I was going to go with it.

Settling down to re-read it, I ended up taking massive amounts of notes about everything I had established about the setting. Really, I just had to rejog my memory for most of it. However, when I looked at all my pages and pages of notes, I had a brilliant idea: APPENDICES! This is because adding a Lexicon and cast of characters to Space Academy dropouts was something that I think was well-appreciated (I also had one in Cthulhu Armageddon added after the fact).

In the end, I also realized I should probably re-edit the first two books as well. So, my plans on writing the third Wraith Knight book were becoming rather hard to do or at least delayed. However, it was resurrecting my enthusiasm for the project that had been so harshly hurt by Ragnarok Publications. So I commissioned the re-edit while doing all of my background work that eventually got me a detailed guide to my own creation as well as its history.


Which is when I ran into my next set of problems.

So, I settled down to do my book and wanted to start with a big battle scene that would be the opening to the story. I figured it would be about two chapters long because it would end in both sides suffering heavy casualties. However, it turns out I ACTUALLY LIKE WRITING ACTION and its expanded to about five chapters so far because Jacob Riverson being Darth Vader and tearing through the mundanes never gets old. Like that scene in Rogue One with Vader in the hallway is a lot of the scenes.

However, I also had a bunch of character beats and flashbacks I wrote independently and having put them altogether I realize…there’s no way I’m going to finish this series in 3 books.

So now it will be FIVE!

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