Cindy’s Seven is now available on Kindle

Hey folks,

I’m pleased to say that CINDY’S SEVEN is now available on Kindle. The eighth installment of THE SUPERVILLAINY SAGA is the latest work set in the Garyverse and shows us the perspective of his favorite henchwench, Cindy Wakowski AKA Red Riding Hood.

Cindy Wakowski aka Red Riding Hood is the second-most feared villain in Falconcrest City. Unfortunately, she soon discovers that is only because she’s considered Merciless: The Supervillainy without MercyTM’s favorite henchwoman. Determined to prove herself every bit her boyfriend’s equal, if not superior, Cindy assembles a team of other villains to go after the largest treasure trove in the world: the hoard of the Dragon King.

Unfortunately, things start going sideways from the start. An ex-boyfriend of hers turned eldritch horror wants revenge, other villains don’t want anything to do with her plan, and the Foundation for World Harmony has put out a death warrant on her head. Merciless has also decided to engage in a little friendly competition that Cindy wants nothing to do with. Can she steal slay the dragon and claim its treasure? Will she let her ego and impatience get in the way? Also, who is Red Sindi and what relationship does she have with our antiheroine?

TALES OF SUPERVILLAINY: CINDY’S SEVEN is the eighth novel of the best-selling SUPERVILLAINY SAGA series and the first from the perspective of its most popular supporting character!

Available here

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