Writing update for 1/01/2021

Space Academy Dropouts: COMPLETE: Edited and submitted to Crossroad Press. 

Basically, I signed a deal with Podium in hopes of expanding my audiobook audience (I love Crossroad Press don’t get me wrong and am sticking with them on my other series) to do a humorous wacky space opera series in the same respect as The Rules of Supervillainy is for superheroes. Vance Turbo is the eponymous Space Academy drop out who gets conscripted/press ganged onto a suicide mission of similar misifts by Division Twelve.  A bunch of sun destroying weapons are lost in the badlands and only they can recover them. Vance, being as observant as Gary [at least about everyone but himself] and genre savvy, notes how incredibly unlikely it would be to recruit Academy “failures” for such an important mission. A truly wacky cast of good, bad, and fuzzy characters. Jeffrey Kafer will be narrating because I’d get him to do everything if I could. Plans for recording in Q1.

Tales of Capes: COMPLETE: Edited and submitted to Crossroad Press 

An anthology that will contain “Merciless Kills Hitler” and a few other stories by me as well as the works of many other awesome superhero authors like Richard Roberts, David Niall Wilson, Keith R.A. DeCandido, Michael Suttkus, and others still.

 Space Academy Rejects: COMPLETE: Being Edited

Because I want to hit the ground running, I started writing book 2# immediately after writing book 1#. Space Academy Rejects will follow Vance Turbo later in his career as now the captain of his own space ship! Except, unfortunately, he has a crew that makes the Orville’s look positively professional. An evil Emperor, a super-weapon, and other stuff lead to many Star Wars jokes! But the bad guys want…peace? Unpossible! My hope is to release this a month after the release of the first book.

Daughter of the Cyber Dragons: COMPLETE: Awaiting Edits 

Keiko “Kei” Springs is a Rider, one of the many criminal couriers who exists in the aftermath of the Eruption that plunged Earth into a decade long winter. Now in a cyberpunk future, she struggles to stay ahead of bill collectors and old enemies. One job sounds too good to be true, though, and she is sent to recover an AI fragment from a disgruntled Atlas Security employee. Unfortunately, said employee has an entire cult of fanatics behind him. Guest starring Case Gordon (Agent G), Lucita (Agent G), and a few other wonderful cyberpunk antiheroes.

Cindy’s Seven: IN PROGRESS 

Cindy Wachkowski AKA Red Riding Hood has a problem. She is not respected as a supervillain in her own right but considered Gary’s henchwench or dark mistress. Deciding this cannot stand, she proceeds to assemble an all-female team (plus Agent G) to rob the kaiju-sized criminal mastermind, SMOG THE DRAGON! Yes, they will steal his massive horde on DRAGON ISLAND. I am getting Heather Costa to do the voice work here.

This year I want to finish Lucifer’s Star’s trilogy, do another Gary book, and another Morgan Detective Agency book. Maybe finish up Wraith Knight too.

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