July 2021 Writing Update

Hey folks,

Time for an update eon my writing! 


I’m currently about 2/3rds of the way done with DAUGHTER OF THE CYBER DRAGONS and VAMPIRAZ4LIFE that are about 60K done each. I also have a lot done on a couple of other projects and am sketching out my ideas for next year. 

DAUGHTER OF THE CYBER-DRAGONS: Is a spin-off of Agent G starring a woman named Motoko Springs and she’s a cyborg ex-assassin turned Runner (courier) in New Los Angeles who gets hired to seek out and kill someone due to her past. G, Lucita, and a host of other characters become involved as it turns out to be far more complicated than she ever imagined. It’s co-written with Michael Suttkus and people will love it I think as it a lot of AGENT G: ASSASSIN’s energy from a bottom up perspective. I hope to finish it by August and release it by September.

VAMPIRAZ4LIFE: The third and final Peter Stone novel is going to wrap up a lot of his plotlines. Peter has been quarantining himself during the pandemic and feeding only on animal blood as a lot of other vampires are less than pleased about the end of tourist season. The cruel and tyrannical new voivoide of the city also has it out for him. Recruited by a mysterious new vampire to overthrow him, he has to ask what kind of vampire he wants to be and whether it’s time he stopped trying to be good and just started to be dangerous. Again, I’m hoping to finish this by August and release it by September.


These are on the backburner but I have accomplished quite a bit with them anyway:

BRIGHT EYES (Morgan Detective Agency 2#): The sequel to the first novel is about halfway done with it just sort of falling off the radar a bit during the pandemic but I am eager to resume it once I’ve finished Peter’s novel. This will deal with Ashley’s sister Anna and her struggles to deal with the fact she’s not at all well-adjusted to being involved in vampire politics. Oh and there’s slavers operating in New Detroit.

CINDY’S SEVEN (Tales of Supervillainy #1): Cindy is sick and tired of being considered Gary’s sidekick so she’s decided to do the most daring heist in the history of crime by robbing a dragon. Smog the richest dragon in the world with his own casino island and army so she’ll need a tough team of supervillains to help her. Gary can’t help either beacuse she wants this to be her score (logic be damned). Too bad it ends up her team are untrustworthy supervillains after the score themselves! Oh and stop eating the recruits, Mandy!

I also have plans for the next Gary book, Lucifer’s Star’s thrilling conclusion, and adjusting the original Agent G books to have some new chapters. That’s probably off in the future, though.

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