AGENT G: SABOTEUR ebook and AN AMERICAN WEREDEER IN MICHIGAN audiobook now available

Hey folks,

I’m pleased to say that we’ve got two new releases which I think you will love. The first is AGENT G: SABOTEUR, the sequel to one of my favorite creations, AGENT G: INFILTRATOR. Cyborgs, gadgets, spies, and assassins once more get brought together for this work.

Agent G has left the service of the International Refugee Society, the world’s biggest provider of murder for hire, in order to work for the United States government. Unfortunately, they are sending him after his former employers and they know him as well as he knows them. The clock is ticking, though, until the Society’s remaining leadership starts eliminating their opponents and attempts to seize control of the Presidency. A traitor is also providing them with all the information they need to survive until their puppet is in power. Will G and his allies survive the purge?

Sometimes, it doesn’t pay to be a cyborg spy.

Available on

We’re working on the audiobook.

The second is the audiobook release of AN AMERICAN WEREDEER IN MICHIGAN. The sequel to Jane Doe’s first adventure is now out and done by the awesome Arielle Delilse.

Life is not easy for the world’s first weredeer detective. A simple hike turns into a media circus when Jane Doe, her best friend Emma, and a pair of monster hunters find a mass grave. Determined to find the parties responsible, Jane soon discovers a sinister cult leader has decided to make Bright Falls, Michigan the home of his corrupt religion.

As if this wasn’t complicating her life enough, Jane also has to decide whether or not she wants to begin a relationship with FBI Special Agent Alex Timmons or local crime lord Lucien Lyons. Both men are determined to get to the bottom of the crime she’s investigating but may be distracted by their own agendas–as well as their love for Jane.  

Available on

I love the fact I got a chance to write follow ups to two of my favorite characters. Both characters will be guest starring in my big multiversal crossover TOURNAMENT OF SUPERVILLAINY.

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