Tournament of Supervillainy cover sketch

Hey folks,

Progress on my books is going well with the Tournament of Supervillainy almost done. I’m extra pleased to be able to share this sketch of its guest stars with you. The Tournament of Supervillainy is a “Crisis on Infinite Earths”-esque crossover of my worlds and here’s pictures of Jane Doe (I was a Teenage Weredeer) and Cassius Mass (Lucifer’s Star).

4 thoughts on “Tournament of Supervillainy cover sketch

  1. Will prior knowledge of the characters be required, or are they pretty well introduced in this book? I’ve read Lucifer’s Star, but not the Weredeer books.

    (Incidentally, Lucifer’s Star is one of my favorite sci-fi books of the past year, along with Perilous Waif and Lockheed Elite.)


    • Thank you, that is high praise since I LOVED reading Perilous Waif. No, prior knowledge of the characters will not be needed. Much like the Avengers team-up, it’s really Gary meeting with a bunch of other world’s heroes from Space Universe (Lucifer’s Star), Cyberpunk Universe (Agent G), and Horror Universe (Weredeer). A chance for him to bounce off other genres. I want my series to stand on their own even if I draw connections between them. 🙂 Again, thanks for reading LS! The sequel, Lucifer’s Nebula, is coming out this December!


      • Excellent! I’ve been waiting for another good new book. So far I’ve enjoyed all of the books by you that I’ve read (Supervillainy and Lucifer’s Star.) Trying to convince my wife to try Rules of Supervillainy or Lucifer’s Star while she’s on the road today (passenger, not driver).


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