Winter of 2017 Writing Update

Hey folks,

I’ve been working hard on numerous books and trying to decide what I’m going to do next. So, I decided I would share what is going to be coming out for the finale of Winter. These works are something I’m quite proud of and will be hopefully out soon and in your hands as readers. Note: These release dates are all subjective but should be pretty accurate.

November 2017


The sequel to Agent G picks up a year after the first novel with our antihero cybernetic assassin now working for the United States government. So much better than being a private contractor, right? Wrong. Hunting down his former associates only makes things worse and he soon finds himself discovering even more dirt about his convoluted past. What is an amnesiac cyborg to do?

LUCIFER’S NEBULA (Lucifer’s Star #2)

Cassius Mass wants nothing more than to bury his past as the former best pilot of the fascist Crius Archduchy. Unfortunately, there’s nowhere far enough he can run to reshape the Commonwealth’s Watchers. Dragooned once more into their surface, he is given his most dangerous assignment yet: deliver a peace agreement to the Free Systems Alliance that has successfully driven the Spiral’s government to its knees. Unfortunately, victory isn’t enough for the organization and Cassius finds out some of his most trusted friends aren’t on his side.

December 2017

WRAITH LORD (Wraith Lord #2)

The follow up to the 2016 book WRAITH KNIGHT (which has recently been updated and revised). Wraith Lord follows Jacob Riverson, the last Wraith Knight, as he adjusts to being the Dark Lord of the Northern Wasteland. Surrounded by wealth, splendor, and two loving but devious brides–he should have known it was too good to last. The Empire is preparing a war to unite its disparate factions by annihilating all the Shadownborn races as well as their leader.

ESOTERRORISM (Red Room 1# – re-release)

This, like Wraith Knight, is a re-edit and release of the one put out by Ragnarok Publications. The adventures of Derek Hawthorne and his partner Shannon shall be shared once more by Amber Cove Press. Derek Hawthorne is the best agent working for the House, a global conspiracy which protects the existence of the supernatural from the public, but he’s about to find himself under suspicion for the greatest leak they’ve ever had. Is it a diversion for something far worse?

January 2018


The fifth Gary Karkofsky a.k.a Merciless: The Supervillain without MercyTM novel. Gary has successfully freed the world’s supervillain population and overthrown the tyrannical regime of Merciful. Unfortunately, this means everyone hates him as he’s too good for the bad guys and too bad for the good. Sick of his lack of respect, Gary decides it might be time to hang his cape up–only to be invited to a cross-dimensional fighting tournament for the fate of the Multiverse! The winner gets a wish that will allow Gary to rule the entire cosmos–or at least his solar system. Guest starring the protagonists of I was a Teenage Weredeer and Lucifer’s Star!

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