THE RULES OF SUPERVILLAINY and TO BEAT THE DEVIL for free this Thanksgiving weekend

I feel a little bad about not announcing this early Friday but from November 25th to the 27th, two of the best books from Amber Cove Publishing are going to be available for free. They’ve always been available for free on Kindle Unlimited but I’m pleased to say they’re free-free for download.


Follow Gary Karkofsky as he discovers a magic cloak which allows him to live out his dream of being a supervillain. But is he evil enough? He may end up being the villain his city needs more than the hero it deserves.

TO BEAT THE DEVIL by Michael Gibson:

The world has been overrun by demons and a new age of supernatural cyberpunk decadence has occurred. Small time criminal and cyborg Salem finds himself well above his head when an ancient human wizard recruits him for the mission of his life: taking down an archdemon.

I think people should check out both. After all, the price is right for anyone with a Kindle.

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