“Under an alien sky where gods of eldritch matter rule, the only truth is revenge.”

CTHULHU ARMAGEDDON is the story of a world 100 years past the rise of the Old Ones which has been reduced to a giant monster-filled desert and pockets of human survivors (along with Deep Ones, ghouls, and other “talking” monsters).

John Henry Booth is a ranger of one of the largest remaining city-states when he’s exiled for his group’s massacre and suspicion he’s “tainted.” Escaping with a doctor who killed her husband, John travels across the Earth’s blasted alien ruins to seek the life of the man who killed his friends.

It’s the one thing he has left.

H.P. Lovecraft and I have a complicated relationship. Just about everything he believed is something I don’t but we share a mutual love of monsters, science-fiction, and fantasy.

One thing I do admire about Howard Phillips, though, is that he wasn’t possessive about his toys and allowed many writers to play with them. Cthulhu Armageddon is my attempt to honor that legacy with a story set in the world where the Old Ones have won and mankind has to deal with the fact it’s no longer master of the Earth.

It’s not a comedic novel, though there’s one or two moments of whimsy, but a horror novel set in the Weird West of humanity’s final nights. I think fans of Lovecraft, my writing, and those who love genre mash-ups will get a kick out of this one. Certainly, Crossroad Press is nice enough to publish it.


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