Awesome Esoterrorism review by Timothy C. Ward! 4 out of 5 stars

I haven’t mentioned this before but I am a huge fan of Timothy C. Ward and his Scavenger series. They’re a high concept fantasy series where a natural disaster transforms Earth into something akin to Dune and the survivors use advanced technology to mine the planet for remnants of the previous world’s resources.

If you take that as an endorsement of his work then you’d be correct. They’re more sci-fi Western than hard fantasy but I enjoy them greatly. What I enjoy most of his writing, though is when he decided to talk about my novel, Esoterrorism.


You can check out his review of the audiobook here and it’s a really glowing endorsement:

Prior to reading this, C.T. was just a cool guy with a great blog. I saw his The Rules of Supervillainy series and thought, I’m glad for his sales, but I’m really not a superhero fan. I really wanted to read his books, though, and so when Esoterrorism came out on audiobook I gave it a shot. The cross between James Bond and Jim Butcher wasn’t exactly down my wheelhouse for genre preferences, but because I like C.T. I gave it a chance. I’m glad I did.

He then goes on to list some of his favorite elements of the book. I hope this will get more folk to check out Esoterrorism.

Available for purchase here.

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