Hey folks,

I wanted to give you a heads up on the progress of what’s going on in the wonderful world of my imagination, writing, and business sense.

New Releases

THE SECRETS OF SUPERVILLAINY is out today with the audiobook coming in just a week or two. Stay tuned to this website or my author page for updates on that. The third volume of the Supervillainy Saga accompanies Gary Karkofsky on his quest to cure his wife of her fangy affliction as well as accidentally attracting the ire of the President of the United States (whose secretly a supervillain, who knew). We also get to meet Gary’s surviving family! Oh dear.


New Projects

I have another book series in the works along the lines of the Supervillainy Saga in STRAIGHT OUTTA FANGTON. This is a novel about a poor black vampire dealing with the fact his transformation into an undead creature of the night hasn’t exactly improved his prospects but has given him a whole lot of new enemies.


Worse, everyone in the undead world is afraid when the world’s most terrifying slayer of the undead arrives in town to claim their blood. Add a newborn vampire being found in the bathroom of his place of business with no maker in sight and you have a really bad day for Peter Stone. It does for the supernatural what The Rules of Supervillainy did for superheroes. Which is to say not much but with a lot of laughs.

I submitted LUCIFER’S STAR (A Spacer’s Saga) to Tor Books but, sadly, it was rejected. Thankfully, this may be a blessing in disguise as I’ve submitted the document to Amber Cove. With any luck, we’ll slice the 100K book in two and round it out to have two more books for 2017. Describing it in simple terms, I go with, “What would it be like to bea TIE pilot after Return of the Jedi when you realize, hey, Hans, are we the baddies?”


More precisely, it’s a dark space opera following a ex-pilot drawn into a massive conflict between the occupiers of his nation and the terrorists who seek to revive a government which doesn’t deserve to be revived–plus romance, bioroids, and sword-fighting aliens.


The fourth Supervillainy Saga book THE SCIENCE OF SUPERVILLAINY, is currently in the works.

ESOTERRORISM’s audiobook has been released to great success and I’m very pleased with Jeffrey Kafer’s handling of my first novel. Technically, The Rules of Supervillainy was released first but I wrote Esoterrorism first. The sequel, ELDRITCH OPS will be released early of 2017, and follow Derek’s dealing with piratical vampires, his new position as a Committee member, and the fact his brother is kind of the Antichrist. Oh and the Horseman of War is in love with him. You know, the usual.

The Red Room series will then finish in an explosive finale to the trilogy in OPERATION: OTHERWORLD, set for release in 2018.


WRAITH KNIGHT is still set for release on 11/8/2016 by a combination of the Independent Publishing Group and Ragnarok Publications. Wraith Knight is the first book in the Three Worlds trilogy which will chronicle the adventures of Jacob Riverson, a heroic figure of the previous age who wakes up in the new one cursed as a ghostly Ringwraith-like being.

AGENT G: INFILTRATOR is set for release this November by Amber Cove Publishing. That is my science-fiction spy novel following an agent with a missing memory working for a murderous corporation that promises to restore it after ten years. All he has to do for his next assignment is take down a ring of Italian cyborgs and their small army of minions. The sequel, AGENT G: SABOTEUR is set for next year.

Novellas and Short Stories

I’m going to have a short story in the anthology collection, HUMANITY 2.0: EMERGENCE, which is about a Wildcards-like event which bestows superpowers on millions of humans worldwide before leading to a transformation of society. I, of course, write about one of those individuals who decides to turn to crime. 


Now you may wonder how I’ve managed to get all these books out or ready to be coming out and the answer to that is simple: I didn’t get anything published for my first three years of writing. That gave me ESOTERRORISM, ELDRITCH OPS., THE RULES OF SUPERVILLAINY, and THE GAMES OF SUPERVILLAINY. It’s a lesson to all you writers out there that you sometimes (as in almost always) have to sit on a manuscript before you find a home for it. I also advise you to write when inspired, no matter how far off genre. It helps that I write relatively short 60K novels for the most part instead of 100 or 150K ones like some fantasyists. Whatever the case, thank you for your interest and I hope you’ll check out my upcoming work.




WRAITH KNIGHT: 11/08/2016

EMERGENCE (Humanity 2.0): 09/13/2016



ELDRITCH OPS: 4/15/2017





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