The Rules of Supervillainy by C. T. Phipps

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Dab of Darkness

PhippsTheRulesOfSupervillainyWhere I Got It: Own it.

Narrator: Jeffrey Kafer

Publisher: Amber Cove Publishing (2015)

Length: 6 hours 42 minutes

Series: Book 1 The Supervillainy Saga

Author’s Page

Set in the imaginary Falconcrest City, superheroes, monsters, and supervillains clash and clatter together. Gary Karkofsky has delusions of grandeur, specifically of becoming the lead supervillain for the city. He was given a magical cloak that gives him formidable powers. With this new wardrobe and a small group of henchpeople, Gary has big plans for the city.

First and foremost, there is humor everywhere in this book. I love that much of the humor is told in a straight manner, the characters taking the plot seriously even as they come up with corny supervillain or superhero names. For instance, Gary’s alias is Merciless: the Supervillain without Mercy. Now wouldn’t that make you quiver in your boots? 😉

So Merciless gets on the bad side…

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