Update for December 2015

Hey folks,

I thought I’d give you guys, my fans, an update as to what the current situation is on a number of projects which are going on right now. Quite a few have been waiting patiently for THE GAMES OF SUPERVILLAINY and others not-so-patiently. I’m pleased to say the book is in the middle of being formatted and Jeffrey Kafer is ready to do the audio book version afterward.

Games follows Gary Karkofsky as he arrives back in Falconcrest City after the events of THE RULES OF SUPERVILLAINY. It’s been a month, the city is overrun by superpowered zombies, and everything has gone to heck. But all Gary cares about is finding his wife. Does Mandy need saving, though? Find out!

I’m excited about this volume more than just about any other book I’ve written (well, at least until the next one) and think everyone will like it. The Games of Supervillainy should be out sometime this month and while I’m sorry it’s been delayed, I want to thank everyone who has e-mailed or messaged me about its status. Believe me, I want it out as much as anyone else.

AGENT G: INFILTRATOR has been sent to Amber Cove publishing and I’m hoping they’ll be picking up that manuscript for publication. It’s the story of an assassin who has had his memory wiped for a ten year contract to a very sci-fi sort of murder group. But there’s a lot more going on, not the least bit being there’s easier ways to get someone to kill people.

The first book of my THREE WORLDS series, WRAITH KNIGHT is set for release in Fall of 2016 and I’m very pleased Ragnarok Publications has chosen to pick it up. I’ve already got the sequel, WRAITH LORD, finished and am currently looking at samples of artwork for its cover. They’ve been very generous to me and I can’t wait to share my attempt at dark fantasy.

ELDRITCH OPS. the sequel to ESOTERRORISM is, sadly, not going to be able to be read by fans until 2017 due to a number of reasons. A two year wait for a book’s sequel is hardly unknown by fans, though, and I think you’ll love the book when it comes out. The cover is gorgeous and the plot is a delightful tale of the House vs. Vampires vs. Werewolves vs. Pirates vs. Itself. Yes, I said pirates and somehow it’s not silly.

Take my word for it.

One interesting thing is I actually wrote the RED ROOM series as a trilogy, only for me to throw out the completely-written book 3#. Why? Because I decided I didn’t like what I’d written as the grand finale and I was going to keep writing the books until I felt I’d exhausted the potential for them. So expect plenty more adventures of Derek and Shannon in the future.

I also hope to see an audio book version of Esoterrorism released sometime in 2016.

Thanks again, folks, for your interest.

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