GRIMDARK MAGAZINE 5# has two articles by me


I’m pleased to say GRIMDARK MAGAZINE, a great fanzine I have a lot of respect for, has seen fit to include two articles by me in their latest publication. These are, “WHO IS THE GRIMDARK HERO?” which analyzes what sort of protagonist is found in those types of books as well as a review of THE WITCHER 3. There’s also some really great interviews with folk like PETER ORULLIAN and JAMES A. MOORE.

Hilariously, Peter Orullian references our review of BLACKGUARDS: TALES OF ASSASSINS, MERCENARIES, AND THIEVES. Why is it hilarious? He was one of the few negative reviews I gave about the short stories therein. Oh well, Peter, we still love you and your work.

Available for purchase here and on

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