Awesome Q&A with Ragnarok Publications

My publishers, Ragnarok Publications, were kind enough to sit down and have a talk with me about my books. They asked a lot of really fun questions which I had a great time answering. We got to talk about WRAITH KNIGHT, ESOTERRORISM, and other books which are on my schedule for working on.

My favorite question from the Q&A?

Name one fantasy character your protagonist could best in battle and explain why.

Why restrict myself to one? Here’s a short list of fantasy match-ups!

Harry Dresden: Harry would blast Derek to smithereens in a straight-up fight but Derek is the kind of guy who would use a sniper-rifle on our favorite wizard if he could. Both of them would cheat and wise-crack the entire way.

James Bond: Derek would destroy every single one of them except the Sean Connery and Daniel Craig versions. Timothy Dalton might give him a hard time, though.

Bruce Lee: Derek would fanboy out and ask for his autograph.

Jason Bourne: Derek would win, but it would utterly wreck the room they’re in and leave him badly injured.

John Constantine: John would tell Derek he needs to “Lighten up, mate.” Derek would tell him to quit smoking. It’d end up in a bar fight.

Lara Croft: Lara, because Derek uses a single gun like a normal person. Shannon would kick her ass, though. Derek would also try asking her out…if he survived the first round.

Emma Peel: Shannon would win, then feel terrible about it.

Black Widow: That would be something I’d pay money to see.

Red Sonja: Shannon would lose. Red has a history of fighting her type of person (no spoilers).

Dracula: Shannon and Derek fight him in book #2, no lie!

Hilarious questions and quite a few informative ones too.

You can read the interview here.

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